Terry Von

Olydemy CEO, Life Coach, Entrepreneur

terry von

Terry Von is first and foremost a being with a mission. His mission is to awaken the planet.

As Terry walks the Earth, he sees all of the conflict and the drama and the injustice and the triggers and everything else that we all identify so deeply with and feel trapped in, and for many years he got so lost and tangled in “the world of the ten thousand things” as they call it in Eastern philosophy. But in November of 2011, he had a spiritual awakening that changed his life.

Terry grew up in a world of religion and debauchery. His mother, who is a devout Mormon, and his father, who is far from devout, raised Terry to identify with the evil and corruption of this world.

Religion was used as a tool to make Terry hate himself by his mother. He was told that if he didn’t live the way she expected him to live, he would go to hell. He was also told, by his father, about all of the corruption and injustices perpetrated by the US government, specifically the Democratic Party.

Whatever you believe politically, you can’t seriously think that only half the government is to blame for anything. They are two sides to the same coin, and our bipartisan system only serves to divide us.

Anyway, as Terry grew to hate himself and mankind, even calling himself a misanthropist, he developed such an ego that told himself he was smarter, stronger, and all-around better than the rest of humanity. Having been told his whole life what to believe and how to think, the roots sank deep within him not to trust anyone or anything, which is a double-edged sword.

Terry could see the error in people’s ways, but he had no way of knowing what the “right way” was.

He was told by religion that he had to confess his sins and live a “righteous” life in order to get into heaven. He was told by his father that the world was evil and that there was no escaping the atrocities that await around every corner. And he was told by the world too many things to count.

Eventually, Terry found the world of drugs and depravity his father (unwittingly) and the world had glamorized.

To preface this next part, let’s talk about reality for a second. We are in a dream right now. That’s right, what you think is real is actually just an illusion. To learn more about the nature of reality and how to wake up from the dream, check out our course Unified Evolution because this is too much to discuss here, but we wanted to set the stage for you.

Terry, knowing full well that there was something awry, began to disconnect from the collective dream, in other words, to disconnect from our perception of reality. Now, Terry was going insane, but what truly saved him from losing his mind completely was the knowledge that we’re all insane.

We all identify with our egos and can’t perceive reality for what it actually is. You wouldn’t be reading this if you could.

After getting clean, seven years after his spiritual awakening, the fog began to lift from his mind and he began to see much clearer. But his mind truly began to clear after learning that the ego is an illusion telling us that we’re separate from one another and that all of the “troubles” and “evils” in the world are simply part of the illusion.

As Terry began to let go of his addiction to drama, which is the only real cause of conflict, his life became so much more peaceful. We must surrender the war inside of ourselves in order to win the game of life.

And it is a game. Bill Hicks said, “It’s just a ride.” Alan Watts calls life a dance. Some scientists call it a simulation.

What you call it does not matter. All that matters is that you realize you are living in the matrix. But how do we get out?

A Course in Miracles has been one of the largest catalysts in Terry’s life. It helped him reprogram all of the limiting beliefs inside of him that had been planted there by religion. ACIM is a year-long course and there is a 663-page text that goes along with it. Click here to learn more about A Course in Miracles.

Eckhart Tolle has also been one of the most influential people in his life. As have Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, to give you some resources.

Otherwise, you can join the Olympic Academy or purchase one of our courses to learn more about how to wake up from the dream.

Saving Grace

terry von
terry von
terry and jaylah

Here are a few pictures of Terry with his daughter, Jaylah, at a place called Silver Falls in Entiat, Washington.

Terry refers to his daughter as his “saving grace” because when she was born, he became willing to do things he was not willing to do before.

He began pushing himself harder in his career. He finally decided that his health was a top priority. And he made a decision that his spiritual condition was the most important thing for him to take care of.

After making these decisions, Terry became able and willing to put into practice many things he had put on the back burner, and developed a system that allowed him to develop himself at will.

That system is what we teach here at Olydemy. To learn more, check out one of our courses or click the link below to join the Olympic Academy and gain access to premium content and training.