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Olympic Academy

Become the Hero of Your Own Story

olympic academy

Why join the Olympic Academy?

Olydemy is a place for Heros, a place to train like gods.

Each one of us has greatness within us.

Not some of us, not a few, not even many.

All of us.

The global elites want us to believe that we are destined for lives of mediocrity, that we have to “accept our place in the world,” take the safe jobs and grease the machines

With what are we greasing the machines?

Our blood, sweat, and tears.

This is not hyperbole.

A boss actually said to me:

“When you get back from vacation, we’ll work you to death.”

He said it in a joking manner, but he was not kidding. His plan was to work me to the bone until I was either dead or unable to work anymore. This is the plan of most employers.

And why wouldn’t it be? We truly are “human resources” to them. We are commodities, which is why it’s often hard to get a raise because your wage is a cost to them and they are trying to keep costs down.

If you are happy with your career, that’s great! I’m not trying to create a false sense of discontent if you are.

But statistics show that over 60% of people are not happy with their jobs and that the risk of heart attacks goes up by 20% for men and 15% for women on Monday morning.

Putting statistics aside, are you happy with your career? If the answer is no, then it’s time to break out of the paradigm and do something new.

Show the elites who’s really boss!

Limitless Potential

olympic academy

Your potential is limitless.

The only limits that exist are the ones we place in our own minds. We used to say that the sky is the limit, but that’s no longer true. You can now, as a civilian, leave the Earth’s atmosphere if you so desire.

Who knows where we go from here?!

But what about your potential as a human being to do things that require talent or skill?

Well, as Carol Dweck’s research has proven, any skill can be developed. We just have to be willing to put in the work.

As far as talent goes, successful people are not born with anything different than unsuccessful people.

Professional performers are no different than the rest of us!

What Daniel Coyle found during his research as he wrote The Talent Code is that Greatness Is Not Born It’s Grown.

He researched why an unassuming place like the Dominican Republic spits out professional baseball players like candy.

Is it natural-born talent? No. Is it something in the water? The jury is still out.

Seriously though, what Coyle found is that the number one contributing factor to the success of baseball players in the Dominican Republic is called “ignition.”

Ignition, according to Coyle, is defined as:

“If they can do it, so can I.”

What happened in the Dominican Republic was average baseball players watched other average baseball players become professional athletes. Sometimes the ones who turned pro were not even that good in their youth.

There was nothing unique about them. They were average. But they put in the work, they were lead by “master coaches,” and they found the ignition, the spark deep down inside of them known as the “primal cue” that told them “I can do this.”

As other kids watched this, they told themselves “If they can do it, so can I!”

And they did. Again and again.

The Dominican Republic is second only to the United States for the number of baseball players entering the MLB.

When Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile, he not only set a record. He set a standard.

People used to say that running a mile in under four minutes was not humanly possible. But since Bannister broke the threshold, nearly 1,500 people have followed in his footsteps at the time of this writing.

When someone accomplishes something, we know it’s possible, and something deep inside of us (our primal cue) says, “If they can do it, so can I.”

Blue Zones

To give you a little more evidence-based research regarding the “nature versus nurture” debate, let’s talk about The Blue Zones, a book written by Dan Buettner.

Buettner researched the lifestyles and culture of the “Blue Zones” or places where people consistently live longer than everywhere else, and he found that genetics has little to do with how long people live.

What has a lot to do with it?


What Buettner found is that people who live in the Blue Zones eat healthier, they spend more time outside, they often grow their own food, they socialize more, they put their families first, and they have spiritual beliefs and routines that they develop and practice on a daily basis.

He also found that not only do people in the Blue Zones live longer but they retain their mobility and their mental capacities up until the end. Not that they’re out there running marathons and winning Nobel Prizes, but they are able to move about with little to no aid, and their minds are still sharp.

In other words, they don’t slowly deteriorate until they die, they keep on living right up to the end!

Click here to learn more about the Blue Zones.

Why is all this important? Well, if you want a healthy and happy life, you have to break your limiting beliefs about what you are capable of.

You are truly limitless and to limit yourself by society’s opinions or standards is to bury yourself deeper in the illusion of the ego.

The Olympic Academy

Now that you know your potential is limitless, what is there to do with it?

The possibilities are just as limitless.

When you know your true potential, a world of infinite possibilities opens up to you. The world is your oyster, as they say.

So, let’s talk about the Olympic Academy.

Inside of the Olympic Academy, you will learn how to tap into your limitless potential and become…

Whatever you want!

God Mode, our premium course, teaches you how to activate the cheat codes of life.

It does this by combining the aspects of lifestyle design with gamification, creating primal cues inside of you so strong that you will wonder where your motivation has been all your life.

To learn more about God Mode, click here.

Otherwise, if you’re ready to level up your life and become a Titan, click the link below to join the Olympic Academy.


Membership to the Olympic Academy is $87 per month or $897 per year.

There is a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee and you can cancel any time, so there is no commitment and no risk for 30 days.

What have you got to lose but your limitations?

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