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Why should you join the Olympic Academy?

Olydemy is a place for Titans, a place to train like a demigod.

The global elites want us to believe that we are destined for lives of mediocrity, that we have to “accept our place in the world,” take the safe jobs and grease the machines.

But you were born to do so much more than that.

You were born to break free of the shackles of society and live a life of adventure.

You were born for the Hero’s Journey.

Titan Mode

Level Up in the Game of Life

Inside of the Olymic Acdemy, you will gain access to Titan Mode, our flagship premium course here at Olydemy.

Titan Mode combines the strategies of lifestyle design with the tactics of gamification so you can level up in the game of life by setting goals that align with your truest desires, and activate the cheat codes to keep yourself from sliding backward.

Watch the video below to learn more about Titan Mode.

Is gamification effective?

Well, in 2011 a group of gamers succeeded at the University of Washington where scientists failed.

For over a decade the scientists at UW were attempting to determine an accurate model of an enzyme in order to produce a retroviral drug.

Then, the scientists recruited the help of players of a protein folding game called Foldit.

The gamers solved the problem in just three weeks.

I’ll repeat that so it sinks in.

Gamers solved a problem in just three weeks that scientists couldn’t figure out for over ten years.

Here’s another example:

Jane McGonigal, a game designer, decided to take her recovery from a brain injury into her own hands when doctors told her they couldn’t help her anymore.

She suffered migraines, brain fog, and memory loss, all of which eventually led her to become suicidal.

Then, she created Superbetter, a game in which she set quests for herself and recruited allies.

She made a full recovery.

Jane is now one of the leading advocates for gamification and creates games that aim to solve real-world problems like climate change and extinction.

Your New Allies

Together We Can Do Anything!

Inside of the Olympic Academy, you will also gain access to our private Facebook group where you can connect with a community of Titans who support and share our quests with each other as we rise as one.

Accountability and support are two of the most effective aspects of gamification.

Some people think competition is what makes it effective, but when we aim to work together rather than against each other, we get so much more done.

Think about it; when ideas and resources are shared rather than hoarded, we can create together instead of working against each other in isolation without any support.

This is about you, how we can help you, and what we can do together.

When you join the Olympic Academy, you will also see exclusive content and training not available anywhere else as we develop our teachings at Olydemy.

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You have already purchased Hacking the Game of Life and perhaps Unified Evolution if you added it to your purchase.

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