how to level up in life

How to Level Up in Life

The Ultimate Guide to Leveling Up in Life

If you want to learn how to level in life, let’s start with why you want to in the first place.

Abraham Maslow defines self-actualization as the need for personal growth and discovery. It is considered our highest need in his hierarchy of needs. So, it is inherent to all of us.

Some of us simply want to hang around all day and do nothing of significance. Or do we? Perhaps that’s what we are telling ourselves, but deep down we know that we’d rather be doing something else.

We have become so anesthetized and hypnotized, though, that we have lost sight of what’s really important to us. Or perhaps we never even found it, having been programmed and “raised” like cattle to exist as cogs in the machine; mere automatons without any original thoughts or ideas.

This is the sad fate of most people, but you are different. You have awakened to something deeper, something calling out to you to improve your life and do something different than what you are currently doing.

Whatever (or whoever) it was that unplugged you from the matrix, just know that the rabbit hole truly goes much deeper than you ever imagined. Leveling up in life means stripping away all of the conditioning that your mind is trapped in, so hang on. It could be a bumpy ride.

This article is the ultimate guide to level up your life, but before you can level up, you have to understand what it truly means to level up and why it is so important in today’s world.

You see, once upon a time mankind was subservient to his base needs and desires. Survival and reproduction were the only things that were ever on our minds because that’s how life had to be. But then life became far safer for most of us. We stopped having to fight for our lives and started expanding our minds.

As a result, our consciousness grew into something far beyond self-awareness. But as our minds grew, on a mass scale we kept making many of the same choices. We kept “fighting” for our lives in ways that don’t actually make sense. We continued to fight over “territory” and “insult.”

In short, our egos rose up above the desire to expand ourselves. As many of us grew bored and restless from a lack of understanding how to meet our own needs, we stayed stuck in a pattern of conflict and drama. We have been stuck in this cycle for millennia.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can make new choices that bring new outcomes and decide once and for all that we are done with drama and that we are going to evolve instead.

Conscious Evolution

We can be active, conscious participants in evolution. By what we choose to focus our attention on, what causes or patterns we support, and how we treat one another, we can either contribute to or hinder our evolution as a society. And it doesn’t stop there.

Dollar voting is an analogy of how we actually determine which companies stay alive and which ones die off by how we spend our money. Companies that don’t have customers don’t survive. So, if you want better companies that are better for Earth or for humanity to survive, you have to support them. Here is an article about how dollar voting works if you want to learn more.

We have to be willing and active participants in our evolution or else we will be contributing factors to our devolution. Our world is sitting on the precipice right now. Where we go from here will be determined by what we the people do.

If we continue to sit at home and complain about all the things that are wrong with the world, how can we expect it to change? We can’t wait for the government or someone else to step in and save us. We have to save ourselves.

As Gandhi said:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

The best thing you can do for the world is to level up your life because then you are changing the only thing that you can change in this world: yourself. And doing so will have a ripple effect. You will start to see the impact that you have on other people and one day at a time the entire world will change.

Once we hit a critical mass, who knows. Maybe all the conflict will end and people will finally understand that you can’t eat money or drink accolades. Maybe then we will collectively live a sustainable way of life.

How to Level Up in Real Life

So, if you are reading this article, you are likely familiar with gamification, but for those of you who aren’t, it is the process of adding elements of gaming to something, such as earning points and gaining achievements, in order to make it more fun.

Most people alive today are living vicariously through the fantasies we see on Netflix or in video games, giving ourselves an artificial sense of adventure while we sit comfortably at home. This is the most unsustainable way of life there could possibly be. We have everything delivered to our doors while we watch the world crumble around us.

Gamification gives you back your sense of wonder and exploration, allowing you the freedom of choice. We can choose to pursue our goals and dreams in a fun and engaging way that keeps us actively participating in our own evolution. Rather than sitting idly by as our lives are shaped for us by some outside force.

Aren’t you tired of being told what to believe, how to think, and what to do?

If not, go ahead and check your pulse real quick.

Otherwise, the strategies below will show you exactly how to free yourself from the chains of society.

Lifestyle Design

After gamification, lifestyle design is the next step toward leveling up your life. It is the process of designing a lifestyle that matches who you truly are and what you truly want.

Because where would we be without a life that fulfills our need for self-actualization? Exactly where we are now.

To design a lifestyle that matches who you are, first you have to figure out what you truly want. How do you do this? By asking yourself these two questions, proposed by Alexander Lloyd in Beyond Willpower:

  1. If I accomplished that, how would my life be different?
  2. How would that make me feel?

We often think we need outside circumstances to make us feel a certain way about ourselves, but the truth is that we have to set goals that are not just a means to an end.

Vishen Lakhiani defines two types of goals: “end goals” and “means goals.”

Means goals are things like “I want to make more money.” They are a means to an end, likely a long string of means and ends. Why do you want to make more money? “So I can buy a house.” Why do you want to buy a house? “So I can support my family.” And on and on it goes.

But “end goals” are goals that jump to the end of that string. Why do you want to support your family? “So I can feel good about myself.” If you set the goal to feel good about yourself, you will accomplish all the other things you thought you needed in order to feel good about yourself, and you will feel good about yourself in the process, instead of waiting until the end of the string, hoping that you will feel good about yourself when you get there.

So, after you’ve figured out what you want, how do you get it?

By creating a plan to go after it. And developing grit, or the attitude that with enough hard work, dedication, and discipline, you can develop any skill necessary to accomplish anything you want.

Now, are we all going to be professional athletes merely by willing it so? No, that’s no what I’m saying. Because not all of us truly want that. But you can do anything you put your mind to.

When you have figured out what it is you truly want in life and developed the determination to do whatever it takes to accomplish it, you have already won the battle with your mind.

But the war is won in the trenches, the daily micro-decisions that make a huge difference over time. What are your daily habits?

Ask yourself these questions: “What would I have to become to live the life that I want to live?” And “What choices would that person make onĀ  daily basis?”

Lifehacking to Level Up

The third and final step to level up in life is called lifehacking, which is defined by Wikipedia as “any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency.”

Accelerated growth strategies are a necessity for learning how to level up in life. If you want to level up, you have to be able to expand yourself beyond your current dimensions quickly. We live in a fast-paced world, and if you don’t keep up you will be left behind.

When I was a teenager, I remember going to the fridge once and noticing that I was able to open and close the door while grabbing something out of it so efficiently that I didn’t even have to take my eyes off of the television for more than a split second, and the tv was in another room.

The reason this is important is that it was like a wake-up call that I had become efficient at this completely irrelevant thing for a completely pointless reason: to get back to watching tv. This was one of many wake-up alls that got me to the point of doing whatever it takes to accomplish my true goals in life.

In my senior year of high school, I mastered another essentially useless skill. I was the starting center for a state championship football team. After the game was over and the final whistle had been blown, I felt an emptiness settle into the pit of my stomach, but I couldn’t quite recognize what I was feeling.

What I felt was that I didn’t feel any different about myself now that I had been a part of something that was supposed to be fulfilling in and of itself. But it wasn’t. I still had to go back home to the same house and the same life that I had been running from all those years.

Then, a few months later, after losing my first match on the first day of the state championship wrestling tournament, losing a shot at the title, I felt an overwhelming sense of dread come over me.

People who dedicate themselves to mastering a skill for the purpose of having a skill tend to be much more satisfied with their lives and less dependent on recognition or awards. But those who chase fame and glory, when they don’t meet them, are miserable for the rest of their lives in many cases.

I tell you these things to illustrate how many times we think we know what we want but really have no clue. Society tries to tell us what’s important, but we have to resist the urge to follow the flock and make our own path.

So, what skills are you going to master? What lifestyle do you truly desire and why? And how can you enjoy the process of living it?

I have put together an eBook further diving into the subject of how to level up in life. It is called Hacking the Game of Life, which discusses how to design a life of expansion. Click the link below to learn more about how to take your life to the next level.

Tools to Level Up in Life

Below you will find a collection of some of the best tools to level up in life. They are categorized in three ways: gamification, education, and business, and there is also a general section, which are tools that can be used for many different purposes. These are all apps or websites that you can use, some basic tools and some more complex, but all of them are powerful.

Let’s start with gamification tools. Habitca and Superbetter are two of the best apps to gamify your life. Habitica is a to-do app that gamifies your daily agenda. Superbetter allows you to track your progress and recruit allies in addition to setting goals, but the difference is it focuses on one goal at a time.

Now let’s talk about education. Some of the best education apps out there are Udemy and Coursera, two e-learning websites and apps that offer online courses on a broad range of subjects. Audacity is another great resource for educating yourself. Anyone can turn on an eBook and learn anything while driving to and from work. Google Play Books is another great resource and sometimes has more competitive prices than Audacity, especially if you buy eBook versions of books, a feature Audacity does not currently have, although it does pair with Kindle for this purpose.

For business tools, specifically e-commerce, there are several categories of tools to choose from, including CRMs, marketing tools, website builders, and more. We are going to focus on the three listed here.

First, let’s talk about one of the most powerful tools available: Builderall, which positions itself as “the most complete and powerful digital marketing platform in the world.” Builderall’s features include website building, CRM, autoresponder, webinar, chatbot, and much more. I have used Builerall in the past, but have since stopped using their software because, while Builderall has a lot of tools available, in my opinion, there are other tools that are more powerful in each of the areas they are trying to cover.

In the realm of CRMs, which are customer relationship management tools, two of the most popular are Salesforce and Hubspot. Many SMS and email autoresponder tools have built-in CRM features. In my opinion, most small businesses don’t need anything too crazy in the CRM department, so these kinds of tools will do the trick.

As far as marketing tools go, autoresponders are the number one must-have, because building a list of people who have chosen to give you their contact information in exchange for something free or a paid offer is the single most lucrative aspect of internet marketing today. Some of the hottest autoresponders are Sendin Blue, Aweber, and Getresponse. As far as chatbots go, MobileMonkey and Botsify are two of the leading tools.

Website builders are a given. I mean, who wants to code a website these days? My personal favorite is WordPress because of its powerful and dynamic features, given the amount of plugins available to add functionality and integration to the platform. Wix is another powerful website builder and its functionality is quickly reaching closer to WordPress with its built-in features. Weebly is another competitor in this space.

As a bonus, let’s talk about integration. With all of the tools and functions when it comes to website builders and marketing tools, sometimes integrating and getting them to communicate with one another is a difficult task. Zapier is the number one tool to get software tools to integrate with one another, while Integrately is a runner-up.

Now let’s discuss some general tools that you can use for multiple purposes. A simple note or text app can go a long way. I personally use ColorNote and Microsoft Word to keep track of my to-do list, gamify my life, take notes, jot down ideas, and more. OneDrive and Google Drive are great tools to utilize the cloud to integrate all of your devices so you can take your work with you on the go. It may sound basic, but the calendar app on your phone can also go a long way. Keeping track of your goals and deadlines is an important part of leveling up.

So, whether you’re trying to become successful in business, educating yourself, or gamifying your life, what are some of the tools that you can utilize to level up in life? We have covered a lot in this article, so try not to get overwhelmed with it all. Just start with the basics. What is one strategy or tool that you can implement in your life today?

If you want to learn more about how to level up in life, click the link below to check out my eBook, Hacking the Game of Life. And remember to enjoy the journey no matter what level you’re on.

A good friend once said to me:

“Enjoy the little things in life because if you don’t, you will have nothing to enjoy.”