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What is Adventure Design?

It is bringing to life the adventure that sits inside of you, manifesting your very own Hero’s Journey and embodying the archetypes that are your true nature.

In Jungian psychology, our characteristics are defined in one of two categories: our shadow and our archetypes.

The shadow is the part of ourselves that we are resisting, the part that the world has told us is not ok and we should repress.

Our archetypes are the positive aspects of these qualities that we are repressing but are dying to get out.

For example, high self-esteem can come across as arrogance to people with low-self esteem because when they observe it in another person it triggers their shadow as a result of the repression of this archetypal aspect of themselves.

Therefore, they end up labeling self-esteem as bad and telling you that you are “cocky” or “arrogant” when in fact all you are is confident and secure in who you are.

The difference between self-esteem and ego is that self-esteem comes from a place of security and knowing who you are whereas ego comes from a place of insecurity and having to prove who you are to others.

So, you can’t always trust someone else’s perspective but don’t be too quick to discount it either. Sometimes honest feedback is the best way to figure ourselves out.

Imagine that you are in a theater watching your life on a movie screen before you.

Now, imagine that you are watching through somebody else’s eyes. Maybe one of your parents or a sibling or your significant other. Somebody close to you.

If you could see the way you are portrayed in their story, you would be amazed. And if they were able to see the character they play in your story, the same would be true.

The way we perceive each other versus how we see ourselves is so different and often distorted, that we would all be blown away if we could see ourselves the way they see us, sometimes in a good way and sometimes not so good.

Don Miguel Ruiz calls this the smokey mirror in his amazing book The Four Agreements.

He describes the universe as a mirror reflecting the light that we, ourselves, emanate and the “dream of the planet” or the collective distortions of thought that we all experience as the smoke in between that prevents us from seeing our true selves.

Adventure Design Breaks the Mold

It is What Clears the Smoke

Adventure Design teaches us how to embody our archetypal selves and step into the Hero’s Journey.

Most people alive today exist in a state of hypnosis and live vicariously through the mythic stories and adventures they see on television or in video games or even in literature or in the lives of people they watch on social media.

Accordingly, most of us don’t know how to manifest the adventure that our hearts desire and we end up numbing ourselves and getting an artificial sense of adventure when we watch other people do heroic or extraordinary things.

As a result, we live our whole lives knowing deep down that we are not living up to our full potential but paralyzed in this state of not knowing how to pursue the life that we dream of.

Well, Adventure Design is the method through which you can step into the reality of your most courageous and progressive state of awareness, allowing you to bring that fantasy to life instead of sitting in front of a screen, knowing underneath it all that you’re dying a slow and painful death.

Adventure Design gives you the framework to form a vision for your life that is inspiring and pulls you in the direction of your goals instead of freezing you in defeat.

It shows you how to step into your archetypes instead of hiding behind your shadow and living in fear of what other people might say or think about your choices.

And it allows you to go from one “failure” to the next without losing momentum and keeps you constantly growing and expanding.

adventure design

How Does Adventure Design Do All This?

Through the process of gamification.

Game designer Jane McGonigal gave a TED Talk about how she literally saved her own life by making a game out of it. She tracked her progress, kept leveling up, and upgraded herself until she recovered from a brain injury that left her feeling suicidal.

Jane suffered from severe migraines, memory loss, brain fog, and eventually suicidal thoughts. Then, she started playing a game, tackling quests and recruiting allies.

She has now made a full recovery and is one of the most outstanding thought leaders in the world.

Her TED Talk is one of the most popular on YouTube, which you can watch by clicking here.

To give you a little more research to back up the claim that gamification is an effective strategy, consider this: scientists spent over a decade trying to determine an accurate model of an enzyme in order to produce a retroviral drug.

Then, they recruited players of an online protein-folding game called Foldit.

The gamers solved their problem in only three weeks.

Read that again!

This is a staggering statistic, and it shows just how effective gamification is in real-life applications.

Here is an article on the University of Washington’s website, where Foldit was created in their very own Center for Game Science, discussing these amazing results.

Why it Matters

What does this have to do with Adventure Design?

Well, through our training program called Titan Mode, you can learn how to design your adventure by choosing your very own quests, embodying the archetypes that live inside of you, and becoming the Titan that you were born to be.

You can clear the smoke away and begin to see yourself as you truly are.

Don’t settle for average or the status quo. You were born to do so much more than to go to work, pay bills, and die.

The establishment doesn’t want you to step outside of the box.

It wants you shackled inside of your comfort zone, and life has become so damn comfortable these days that it’s like trying to escape from Alcatraz to get out of this rut!

Our consumerist society is designed to keep you safe at home. Look at where we are now! All social distanced, masked up, and scared to interact with one another. Well, not all of us are living that way.

And more and more of us are realizing that this whole COVID bullshit is taking away our freedom.

If you are concerned about the virus, feel free to say at home. But don’t you dare tell me that I have to! I am here to live my adventure! And I will not be caged!

adventure design

Will you join me? Or will you continue living in fear of what could happen or what might hurt you? The virus is a symptom of our bubble-wrapped civilization.

Don Miguel Ruiz calls it our domestication.

When you are stuck in unconsciousness, as it is called in zen philosophy, or operating on your default settings, as David Foster Wallace refers to it, you are not truly living.

You are a mere automaton, a slave to your impulses, shackled to your comfort zone.

But you can reprogram yourself! You can change the way you think, the way you behave, and the way you feel.

If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t believe this because you have probably read countless books, watched YouTube videos, took training courses, attended workshops or seminars, and your life hasn’t changed yet.

Or has it?

Where did you begin? Where are you now? Not physically, although this may be a symptom of the progress you have made.

After all the work you’ve already done, have you really made no progress, or have you simply just not seen the external results you’re seeking to “fix” you?

If you’re a victim of the “I’ll be happy when syndrome” you probably feel like you aren’t getting anywhere.

But do you remember the parable of the bamboo tree?

The bamboo tree takes four years before any growth above the soil is made. It spends this time sinking its roots deep into the Earth. Then, after all that time, it shoots up eighty feet in a mere six weeks!

I know I can’t convince you that you are worthy of reaching your goals or that you are literally just around the corner of living the adventure that your heart desires.

But hopefully I have given you some faith and just a little bit of inspiration to get up and get moving in the direction of your goals.

If you want some direction and a whole lot of resources and instruction on how to implement Adventure Design into your life, click the link below to learn more about Titan Mode.

Our aim is to make Titan Mode the last training course you will ever need.

It teaches you how to design your adventure yourself, completely customizable and ultimately tailored to meet you where you are and take you exactly where you want to go.

What have you got to lose but your fear of failure?

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