Olydemy is the Olympic Academy for Titans

A Titan is someone who chooses to become something more than what the world tells them they are capable of

Olydemy was founded on the principle that as human beings we get to choose our own fate.

Within each one of us lies the intuition, the inspiration, and the potential to become anything our hearts desire, but how do we embody those aspects of ourselves?

By learning how to tap into the universal intelligence and step out into the light of our archetypal selves, instead of living in the shadows.

In order to truly be yourself, first you must strip away all of the conditioning and domestication that the world imposed on you, and then you must rediscover yourself in the light of your raw, unfiltered expression that sits beneath the false self you created in order to fit into a fake world.


Here at Olydemy you will learn how to shed the inauthentic version of yourself in order to discover the Titan that lies within.

If you haven’t heard of cultural conditioning or social programming, it is the way in which we teach, show, and otherwise demonstrate to each other how we are “supposed” to behave.

We do this through exemplification, mimicking, mocking and shaming that which is “different” and through outright force in the case of child-rearing.

From the time we are born we are told how to behave, how and what to think, how we are supposed to feel about things, and what we should value and esteem important.

Well, we are here to tell you that the only guidepost you need for these things is what’s inside of you.

No one but you can find the universal truth that lies within, but in order to find it, having been programmed already, most of us have to strip away the layers of inauthenticity that we placed around our true selves.

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Our mission is to awaken the planet

We are here to incite a revolution of consciousness, to stir things up, and to de-hypnotize as many souls as we can.

Most people are still living in a constant state of unawareness, but there is an awakening happening, and it is our mission to contribute to this awakening as much as we possibly can.

We are doing this by teaching people how to take their lives back into their own hands and to reawaken lost dreams they gave up on.

We are dedicated to growth

Not only do we teach personal development, but we study and practice it as well. We would never instruct you to do something that we are not implementing in our own lives and seeing results from.

First, we learn it for ourselves, put it into practice, and then we teach it. Sometimes all three happen at once or some combination, but the point is we are always learning and keeping up on the latest discoveries and techniques to optimize human performance.

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The Olydemy Way

Streamlined Learning and Execution

We are dedicated to providing you with the most relevant, up-to-date, and actionable information that we have available to us. When we share theory, it is only when it’s relevant to understand how something works or why it’s important to do it. Otherwise, all you’re getting is the meat and potatoes.


Productivity Hacks

Want to learn how to be more productive? Here at Olydemy, we teach you exactly how we get so much done and still have time to spend with our friends and families doing the things that we love.

Prioritization Exercises

Struggle trying to stay on task and focused on what’s really important to you? We can teach you how to prioritize your goals and daily actions in a way that aligns with your dream life.

Time Management

Want to get more done in less time? At Olydemy you will learn how to flow from task to task in a more structured way as to cut out the waste from your daily routines.


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Meet Our CEO

Terry Von was a drug addict living in active addiction with no direction in life. He had given up on his dreams and resigned to a life controlled by drugs. Then, he had an awakening that changed his life forever. He realized that there was more to life than “having fun,” but, more importantly, he realized that he stopped having fun in the beginning of his addiction that spanned nearly a decade. After his awakening, Terry dedicated himself to personal development and spent almost as long as he lived in addiction learning about psychology, human development, neuro-linguistic programming, holistic health, and many more subjects in order to “fix” himself. Then, after getting clean and beginning his journey of recovery, Terry discovered his ability to teach others how to step into new realities and manifest the lives they’ve always dreamed of, just like he did. He has also been featured in NBC, FOX, and CBS.

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We are here to help elevate the consciousness of the planet

If you feel like our mission aligns with your own beliefs and ambitions, let’s work together!


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